Very Constructive

The meetings we conducted with Mr Bartolo were very constructive. There was a no-nonsense approach which helped focus our thoughts, and thereby better understand how to write the application. Comments were always helpful and delivered in a friendly and understandable manner. The meetings helped us gain confidence in our product and illustrated further the feasibility of investing time, energy, and money into this project.

Nico Grima

Reciprocal Records

Achieve our Goal

When you’re starting off all you see is the end goal and you tend to have your ‘blinkers’ on, not seeing all the obstacles that stand in the way. These sessions were imperative to removing those ‘blinkers’ and getting real, first hand, advice from an unbiased perspective of what we had to do to achieve our goal. I can confidently say that Joseph helped us identify the weaknesses in Empathizer and pushed us to find ways to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Luke Laurenti

Lovin Malta

All the Support

We were given all the support we’d ever need. Ing. Bartolo answered all our questions with regards to the formal application and documentation. We were also given idea-specific feedback and support, in order to focus on the strengths of our proposal throughout the application process.

Emanuel Scicluna


Absolute Pleasure

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with the TAKEOFF team especially Ing.Joseph Bartolo; he has been there every step of the way. Always happy and pleased to meet and discuss, in order to submit a successful project. I cannot also mention the astonishing quick replies both via emails and phone.

Quinton Calleja


The Right Direction

Since joining TAKEOFF, we have been on an intense exercise/journey during which our business ideas are challenged in such a way as to help us get the most out of our company and to guide is in the right direction. Applying for TOSFA needs careful preparation and a clear plan on what truly makes your company unique, be it the product or the team members involved. Liaising with TAKEOFF was invaluable when it came to ensuring that we had a clear vision of our deliverables and the benefits the scheme would bring to our start-up.

Miguel Camilleri

The Huskie Craft Beer

Extremely well Planned

We cannot recommend highly enough the services provided by TAKEOFF in helping us develop our social enterprise and start-up for the Social Impact Awards. By taking our initial concept, the mentoring team was able to guide us and flesh out our idea into developing a successful design that led us to obtain funding for our project. The lecturing sessions were extremely well planned out and helped us brainstorm and develop our social enterprise concept into reality. We applaud the team at TAKEOFF and appreciate what they have done to get us where we are today – hats off to them!

Steve Frigerio

Social Enterprise