Start your own enterprise.

TAKEOFF business incubator gives you the know-how, tools and mentoring to turn a good idea into a great business.  We  work closely with Malta Enterprise and Business First to move you along the right path.

Here's the truth.

Starting a business is tough.  In fact, more new businesses usually fail than succeed.  But at TAKEOFF, we are working to reverse that trend.  Our members are proving that, with the right help, people from every corner of Malta can build a thriving enterprise.

Here's a solution that makes sense.

When you join TAKEOFF, you’ll be expertly mentored to build your own sustainable enterprise.  We’re not just a co-working facility, we walk our members through a proven business-building model that’s based on decades of research and experience.   It’s world-class support, with a friendly approach.    

Here's what we offer.

Everything a growing business needs.

  • Most importantly, expert coaching, mentoring and support
  • A great space to work
  • Meeting and training rooms
  • Networking and collaborations
  • Wi-Fi and free coffee

People say we are reliable, sensible and helpful...

Rising to the Challenge.

The sessions have been immensely valuable. Joseph is very knowledgeable and understands what start-ups have to consider and respond to, to be taken seriously. A number of suggestions and good ideas were put forward which have fed into the process and enriched our value proposition as a result. Knowing that Joseph has been so thorough, I feel more secure in the knowledge that I am both on the right track and am doing everything I possibly can at this point. Although there is such a lot of work still to do, I feel confident and prepared. I understand what needs to be done and why.

Laura Swale



TAKEOFF and its members have been a significant influence in my entrepreneurial journey.  The M.Ent course has taught me the skills and values of business. My advisors at TAKEOFF have mentored me how to be smart in planning for profitable and sustainable businesses that work for me rather than the other way round. I still and will continue seeking the professional and effective mentoring services offered by TAKEOFF. The catapult mentoring has been outstanding!

Nick Borg

Tonne Eighty Metrics

The Right Direction

Since joining TAKEOFF, we have been on an intense exercise/journey during which our business ideas are challenged in such a way as to help us get the most out of our company and to guide is in the right direction. Applying for TOSFA needs careful preparation and a clear plan on what truly makes your company unique, be it the product or the team members involved. Liaising with TAKEOFF was invaluable when it came to ensuring that we had a clear vision of our deliverables and the benefits the scheme would bring to our start-up.

Miguel Camilleri

The Huskie Craft Beer

Transform your idea into a sustainable enterprise.