We are making conversational Ai focused on Social Impact, Education, the Environment and Health. Our commercial networking reach has been directed to serving education and health. Our activity has solely been in the wheelhouse of social impact, cultural development and empowerment. We are focused on underserved populations rather than merely profiteering with commercial interests only. AI has historically have been focused on serving commercial interests at scale. It has been abused by Facebook and many others. NinjaMoba Ltd was the winner of the 2017 techs stars business weekend for a breakthrough idea in the application of a consumer-facing sentiment analysis app as a b2b saas product using artificial intelligence. We incorporated in June 2018 with the support of Ganado and Associates. We are enrolled with the University of Malta’s Take Off Incubator. Additional mobility support has been provided by #startuplighthouse and #ryanacademy to travel to conferences in Vilnius, Munich, and a deep dive into the Helsinki games eco-system. We have completed the Irish-based ideas2scale accelerator. In 2020 won the largest hackathon in history. EU vs VIRUS. This win was in education and family life. We have deployed our chatbot at Malta College of Arts Science and Technology. We recently have been invited in 2021 to participate in the Med Climate KIK accelerator and Barcelona’s Technova Scale-Up Champions matchmaking event.